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 I am beyond neurotic about my skin and I am even more so with my clients. I don't do just "facials". I do an in depth consult going over everything from lifestyle,diet, skin care, makeup, medications etc. When I check your skin during appointments I look for abnormal hair growth patterns on the face and neck which can be a direct relation to hormonal imbalances which for so many women is the root cause of their acne. I look for irregular spots which I will recommend a trip to the dermatologist if found. Many facial waxing and facial clients over the years have gone in on my recommendation to have spots checked out that have turned out to be actinic keratosis and or full blown skin cancers. 
I am what I like to consider a personal trainer for your skin I am not a one and done facial Aesthetician I take clients who actively want to get their skin into shape and who will participate in doing the necessary work at home. I am in regular contact with my clients so that they can have the best outcome they can get. I myself had problem skin so I know the work that goes into getting it into tip top shape and it's not easy in the beginning but once you get there it's easier to maintain and less work. Nice skin is achievable and I can help you on the journey!!

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microdermabrasion for anti-aging and acne scars

Age Well Facial Consult/ 1st Treatment
New Client

All new clients interested in anti-aging corrective skin care that isn't acne related will come in for this service initially.
My facial treatments are corrective in nature and are customized at the time of treatment based on current skin condition upon exam. New client appointments will go over  everything from diet, supplements,medications and current skin care as well as skin care goals. For certain age related issues (hormones) I refer out to a Naturopath Physician in town for further evaluation. Healthy skin starts from within and is a team effort. 85% of what you will achieve will be from using recommended skin care and supplements at home. Because of the nature  of the treatments I offer I will only see clients for follow up appointments who are currently using prescribed skin care. Just remember you wouldn't hire a personal trainer to get a fit healthy body and then go home and eat McDonalds. Same thing goes with achieving healthy skin!
various treatment modalities listed below will be used during your first treatment. CIT "collagen induction therapy", skin classic and advanced peels are only available to clients who are established and shown to be compliant with home care.
Initial Home care product cost typically runs around $280 give or take and I will work with you to find a regime to fit your budget.
Please feel free to call with any questions.

My Facial Prices are by Modality Used During Facial. Facial appointments  will have a consultation where facial services will be recommended and pricing is discussed.These services are 100% customized every time you come in in order to achieve the best results possible! (Chemical or Enzyme Peels, Diamond Microderm, Micro Current, LED Light Therapy, Oxygen Therapy, Dermaplaning, High Frequency. Facials are corrective in nature and do not include massage. 
 Please read below for more info on modalities

Anyone coming in for acne treatment specifically please click on the tab "Acne Treatments"

Facial modalities are customized and combined at the time of treatment. Pricing varies from $140-$235

Treatments listed below are some of the various treatments I offer during custom facial treatments. They are determined at time of service based on current needs, compliance of recommended home care and budget of client
New treatments are added on a regular basis

Melasma Treatments

Microcurrent Treatments

Collagen Induction Therapy
(dermal needling)
 with Custom Growth Factor Serums and Mask

Radiancy LHE MicroPhotofacial

Radiancy LHE (Light Heat Energy)
 Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
Stimulate collagen production
Increase skin elasticity
Even out skin tone
Decrease pore size
Enhance absorption of creams and lotions
Calms Roseacea and diminishes redness

clinical information

Skin Classic High Frequency Skin Perfector
add on to facial treatment or as a stand alone treatment
$150 15 minutes. 
$275 40 minutes
1 spot $35
Each skin irregularity takes approximately 30-60 seconds to treat. Get the most bang for your buck by booking 15 or 40 minute treatments and have as many spots as you would like removed in specified time frame.

Skin  Classic High Frequency treats  minor skin irregularities such as

cherry hemangiomas
sebaceous hyperplasia
cholesterol bumps
cystic acne
broken capillaries
skin tags

For more information on the treatment copy and paste the link below

Chemical/Organic Fruit Peels/Enzyme Peel

Diverse levels of intensity create a profound change in the physiology of the skin.  Chemical peels lift away dead skin cells, increase cell renewal, smoothes skin texture, evens skin tone, lightens and brightens skin, helps fade hyperpigmentation, firms and tones, diminishes fine lines, minimizes enlarged pores, reduces sebaceous activity, improves acne conditions, and promotes overall healthier skin and hydration.  
LED Light Therapy Treatments

  • Reduce pore size
  • Increase the skin's moisture retention & elasticity
  • Improve sun-damaged skin
  • Firm and tone aged or tired skin
  • Smooth the texture of the skin
  • Balance uneven skin tone
  • Restore skin’s youthful radiance and appearance
  • Lighten age spots, sunspots and discoloration
  • Soften rough dry skin
  • Tighten sunken or saggy cheeks
  • Decrease puffiness around eyes
  • Smooth and diminish fine lines and wrinkles
  • Kill acne causing bacteria
  • Heal existing acne
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Prevent breakouts
  • Minimize acne scarring
  • Shrink enlarged pores
  • Great alternative to oral medications
This treatment includes a double cleanse with the  Ultra Sonic Skin Spatula  to remove all dirt, oil and impurities to insure proper penetration of the LED light, a 20 minute LED application finished up with treatment protection cream.
This service works best when performed in 6-8 treatment applications and then performed on a once monthly basis to maintain results
Custom Packages and Pricing Available 

Non Cavitation Ultrasound

Non-Cavitation Ultrasound has the ability to dialate the pore to allow penetration of active ingredients down into the dermis layer of the skin. Everything happens in the dermis including melanin production, acne starts in the dermis, collagen and elastin fibers are what give the skin strength and over time start breaking down leaving the skin saggy and baggy. With non-cavitation ultrasound you will have complete penetration of product so that it can reach the dermis where it will actually work.
 This is an amazing treatment for all skin types especially acne prone skin and chronically dehydrated skin types.


Dermaplaning is a form of manual exfoliation using a scalpel blade to gently exfoliate and remove peach fuzz from the face. This treatment works best in conjunction with other treatments. Your skin will be left baby smooth and hair free. Products will absorb better and makeup will look amazing after dermaplaning treatments.
Perfect for all skin types except active acne skin conditions.

Skin Care Q&A
Q. I have acne and no matter what I use/try it works for a week or so and my acne comes back what am I doing wrong? I have tried drugstore, department store, prescription etc!!!
A. The 1st thing I ask all my clients who suffer from acne is what is your diet like? Are you a Dairy, Wheat and or Soy eater? If you answered yes to any or all of the above Dairy being the HUGE acne causing food because of the hormones that are naturally secreted by lactating cows and also the amounts of iodine found in milk. You will notice a huge improvement in your skin just removing dairy alone. Next I ask about fabric softener use on sheets, towels and clothing like undergarments that result in the most friction against the skin. If you are prone to body acne get rid of the fabric softener (especially bounce and especially for those women prone to UTI's)
   Next makeup use,  With mineral makeup being a huge thing I can almost always guess when I see a clients skin under my exam light when they are using Bare Minerals, that is because those who are even slightly prone to acne who use the original Bare Minerals (not the new matte version) end to have the deep cystic acne as well as the millia "white heads", the reason behind this is the minerals contain Bismuth Oxychloride which under a microscope looks like tiny shards of glass, now take the buffing action it requires to get the minerals onto your skin with a brush that is most likely not the cleanest thing in the world now you have the perfect combination for a nice acne cyst (foreign object aka bismuth oxychloride buffed into your skin along with bacteria from your brush and skin and sticky sebum = Nasty Cyst!
Next makeup primers, I don't like them at all on acne prone skin unless you are doing a photo shoot and need your makeup to last all day stay away from them. The silicones clog the pores and make acne prone skin worse. Stay away from makeup's that are "mouse formulations, heavy in silicones, dimithicones etc" yes they make your skin feel good but they essentially are like putting saran wrap on the skin.
Next Hair Products, A lot of women and men go to bed with heavy hair products in their hair and then in turn get terrible breakouts. That is because you are literally grinding your dirty hair into your pillow cases all night long and in turn grinding your face into your dirty pillow cases. (I can always tell which side a client sleeps on based on how clogged up their pores are) So go to bed with clean hair and clean skin and wash your pillow cases weekly at minimum.  The routine in which you wash in the shower plays a huge part as well ESPECIALLY if you are prone to body acne!!!! If you are a body acne suffer make sure if you use conditioner you shampoo and condition 1st and then Rinse and put your hair up in a clip (if it's long to keep off of your neck and shoulders) then clean your body at the end of the shower so that's the last thing you do. Some of my clients and myself who are prone to the occasional body acne have found that spraying bikini kitty on the affected areas 2x a day really helps a lot.
Makeup Brushes are another place people don't think about when they are having skin issues. If you have acne prone skin wash your makeup brushes and sponges once a week in anti-bacterial soap and warm water and lay to dry over night. I do mine on Sunday nights so they are ready to go for the week ahead
Q. I have freckles/ Age Spots and some fine lines and wrinkles what is the best thing for them.
A. My suggestion is always start using Sunblock if you are not already using one. I always suggest Image or Devita Chemical free sunblock, it's great for the most sensitive to acne prone skin types. My next suggestion is getting on a good routine first with an exam in office peels and microdermabrasion work excellent for aging skin as well as acne prone skin. Then getting on a retinalhyde serum at night and a vitamin c treatment during the day these are necessary for collagen repair and antioxidant free radical protection. These products don't have to cost an arm and a leg however not all retinol and vitamin C products are created equal either. Vitamin C products should be over 10% in strength and coupled with another antioxidant to work efficiently it should also be packaged in a dark pump if you see that there is brown residue around or in any vitamin c product that you have it means that it has oxidized and is no longer stable and should be thrown away as it can actually introduce free radical damage to the skin which is exactly what you don’t want to do.
Thank you for visiting if you have questions regarding products, skin care, or anything else please feel free to write in to the "contact us" section and I will be glad to answer back.
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