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Frequent Hair Removal Questions
Q.How often should I wax? Sometimes I go 6-8 weeks in between appointments.
Hair Growth Stages Picture
Q. Why am I not smooth after my first wax/sugar?
A. Your hair grows in 3 cycles. Anagen: Growth Cyc
le. Catagen: Transition Phase. Telogen: Resting Phase. In order to get the smoothest skin possible you need to get your hair growth  on the same growth cycle.
That means coming in every 3-5 weeks for waxing. Also remember hair that has never been waxed or hair that is not waxed on a regular basis has very strong roots which can cause some breakage of the hair at the surface. These little broken hairs should be left alone (no shaving or tweezing), exfoliate to prevent them from becoming ingrown and they will get picked up more easily with each subsequent waxing service.
The hair also must be at least 1/4 of an inch  or longer in
order to wax which means a minimum of 2 weeks no shaving hair growth. If you are planning a trip or waxing for a special occasion it is recommended to start waxing 12 weeks before the event in order to have the smoothest result.
Q. I am prone to Ingrown Hairs, Itchy Bumpy Skin, and Dry Skin etc..... What do I use?
A. Now that I have found a completely all natural chemical free Pre and Post waxing care products I now have my clients using products from Bikini Kitty before waxing services and after to prevent and treat ingrown hairs.  Ingrown  hairs can be caused by not exfoliating on a regular basis in between waxing appointments, hair that is left to grow too long in between waxing sessions, hair breakage and some people are just prone to them no matter what they do.
Exfoliate daily in the shower with a Supracor Bath Mitt (can be purchased from ASH Organics)  and a moisturizing body cleanser. .  Supracor Bath Mitts are antibacterial, anti fungal and will not mildew. They are made from the same material as artificial heart valves and will last at least 2 years with regular use. These are a must for all waxers and for those who like to sunless tan. Call Amber at 541-639-9088 to order one
Q. I get bumpy skin after waxing /Sugaring and look like a plucked chicken, what causes it and what can I do?
A. First time waxing clients or those who dont wax on a regular basis are prone to having sometimes pretty severe histamine reactions. The histamine reaction can be minimized by taking an OTC antihistamine an hour before waxing (read the labels because some antihistamines like benadryl can cause drowsiness).
Q.Why do people get Body Waxing/Sugaring?
A. Being hair-free feels cleaner and more hygienic Reduces body odor, particularly in summer Sports related benefits for swimmers, athletes and cyclists Improves appearance and enhances muscle definition Increased self-confidence, partner prefers the smooth look. Waxing Intimate areas heightens sensitivity
Q. Who should NOT get waxed/sugared ?
A. People who are using Retin-A, Differin, Tazorac, Renova, Hydroquinone, Accutane (must be off Accutane for at least 6 months before any waxing can be done), Any other prescription acne meds. Prednisone, or Any Blood Thinners.  Using Alpha Hydroxy within 72hrs of treatments. Sun Burns, Intentional Sun Exposure/Tanning Beds 48hrs prior to waxing. Anyone with active Herpes/Cold sores outbreaks (also know that waxing can bring out an outbreak for both oral and genital herpes so Brazilian and Facial waxers who have the virus be aware this can be a complication), Uncontrolled Diabetics, People who are Immune-compromised, Areas with Lymphodema, and Poor Circulation.
Q. I have been to places where the Aesthetician did not wear gloves when they did my Brazilian Wax is that normal?
A. I would like to say that it's not normal however I have worked in places where I have seen it done and I can say I have been totally grossed out! I have healthcare background so my knowledge of communicable diseases and cross contamination is very extensive so I treat everyone as if they have a disease and that is how it should be done industry wide for client safety and personal safety! Unfortunately there are no laws on the books for us that state that we have to wear gloves when performing these services they assume that all should have common sense on the matter and unfortunately that is not the case. ! So if you go to some place where the Aesthetician/Waxer is not wearing gloves or only wears 1 glove  especially in the Below the Belt Waxing Service walk out, because if they don't glove up for you, just assume they don't for anyone else and that puts YOU AT RISK!
Q. I'm Pregnant Can I get waxed/sugared ?
A. As long as you are having a normal healthy pregnancy then YES waxing is something you can continue doing. It is actually something I did up until the day before I went in for my own C-
Q. I just had a leg wax/sugared, why am I not completely smooth?
A. It generally takes 3 wax appointments 4 weeks apart (no more no less) and absolutely no shaving in between appointments to achieve the "smooth leg". So if you are waxing before an important event or vacation it is best to start at least 9 weeks prior in order to have maximum hair free results! Also remember if you do not moisturize and exfoliate your skin on a regular basis (moisturize at least once daily and exfoliate 3-4 times weekly) your leg waxing experience will not be that great! dead dry skin builds up around the follicle leaving it more prone to breaking the hair during waxing.  Leg waxing can be great so long as you are diligent about home care 
Q. I noticed my Aesthetician re-dipping the wax stick during my treatment, is this ok?
A. ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!! If you notice your waxer "double dipping" the wax stick get up and walk out! This is not only a great way to contract viruses, but also bacterial infections (most commonly bacterial folliculitis, which look like red spots with whiteheads in the center in the areas that have been waxed. Bacterial Conjunctivitis and Warts can also be contracted from contaminated wax). Different from  an ingrown hair here and there. Double-Dipping is not only NASTY but it's also against Washington State Cosmetology Law. You may have been told "the wax is hot enough so whatever is introduced to the wax will be killed" (no matter what kind of wax or non-wax the business is using THIS IS NOT TRUE)! If the wax is hot enough to kill bacteria and viruses then it would burn your skin. So the next time you decide to get waxed make sure the business doesn't double dip and re-use disposable items in between clients. If they double dip during your service, you better believe they did it the service before you (imagine having your eyebrows waxed with the same contaminated wax that the person before you had a Brazilian wax with) ICK!!!!!
Q.  Can I get waxed/sugared  during my menstrual cycle?
A. Your skin will be more sensitive about 3 days before your cycle and during because of the surge in hormones. Waxing can be even more uncomfortable during this time however can still be performed as long as certain steps are taken. Taking an anti-inflamatory pain reliever like Advil about 1 1/2 hours prior to your waxing service will help A LOT!! You will also need to wear a tampon during the service as well (just make sure to tuck the string). I don't care as long as you don't care. I have plenty of women clients who routinely wax during their periods and have no issues with doing so.
FOR THE GUYS...........
Q. I'm afraid I might get an erection during my Brazilian waxing service, what do I do?
A. It is a perfectly normal response for a male to get an erection when he's nervous, as long as you are not inappropriate then I don't care. Like I said it's totally normal and it happens to most guys. 
Q. Do you do "Other Things?"
A. My regular clients would never in a million years ever ask such an inappropriate question however I have gotten a couple of calls from dirt bags asking me Highly Inappropriate questions regarding "add on's". So if you are reading this and are one of "those" dudes move on because I am not the Aesthetician for you........
Q. What kind of wax do you use?
A. I use a combination of hard wax and cream strip wax depending on the area to be waxed. No wax is perfect by any means however I believe what I use is one of the best out there. However with that said you can have the best wax in the world and have a horrible experience if the person using it is not skilled and trained properly.
Q. Does it hurt?
A. Ummm Yes! You are having hair ripped from  very very sensitive parts of your body but technique is a large part, anchoring of the skin is huge and also if you are not allergic to Ibuprofen you can take 400mg an hour before your wax and that helps with the discomfort and inflammation. I prefer Ibuprofen over Tylenol (acetaminophen) because acetaminophen does not have anti-inflammatory effects like ibuprofen (this is for both men and women)
 And a little about Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus aka MRSA
MRSA is a bacterium that causes infections in different parts of the body. Including skin, blood, urine, sputum, and wounds.
Up to %25-%30 percent of healthy people carry staph in their noses and never actually become infected with the disease. It is also found in the groin and armpit area as well (commonly waxed areas) so people can become infected a couple of ways. The first way is by coming into contact with someone or something who has MRSA for example: The Spa, client before you has MRSA and doesn’t know or just doesn’t tell the Aesthetician, the Aesthetician performs a Brazilian Wax and touches clean areas of the room (wax cart, knobs on wax etc) or infected area comes in contact with Aestheticians clothing, apron etc (cross contamination). Or the Aesthetician uses the same waxing stick over and over again from client to wax pot aka "double dipping" physically introducing MRSA into the wax pot itself. NO BRAND OF WAX OR SUGARING PRODUCT IS SAFE AGAINST THIS NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY!!! Herpes can also be transmitted that way.
So now let's say the room was not completely cleaned down between the last client and now the “double dipped" wax is now being used on you.  You have now been exposed to MRSA. And if the conditions are right (a cut in the skin, open acne lesion, a tear from being waxed etc) you may just be un-lucky enough to contract MRSA.  MRSA show's up generally in the form of boils and pimple looking spots when it is infecting the skin.
2nd way is by being a carrier.  Remember in a certain percentage of people it can be in your nose, groin and armpits (very commonly waxed areas). So by an open freshly waxed pore, a cut in your skin, a sliver or paper cut or a tear from waxing you will be at higher risk of developing MRSA. Having an open area in the skin and being a carrier puts you at risk.
Other common places that people are contracting MRSA from  besides the Usual Hospital and Nursing Home other common areas are  the Gym, Military Installments (barracks, ships etc), Prisons, Dorms, Nail Salons (mainly the ones with jetted foot basins), Tattoo and Piercing Shops, Salons and Spas.
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