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Things to do prior to Facial,Tinting and Waxing/Sugaring Services
1.  Two weeks prior to waxing stop shaving,tweezing or using cream hair removers to the area/areas you plan on having waxed as the hair needs to be AT Least 1/4inch to wax.
2.  72 Hours before STOP ALL prescription Retin-a, Renova, Differin, Tazorac or over the counter retinols, alpha hydroxy or beta hydroxy products (please call or email if you have any questions regarding other medications or skin care that may not be listed)
Also NO Tanning both indoor or outdoor for Three days prior and Two days after waxing
3.  Evening/Morning before. If you have a morning waxing appointment I recommend Showering the night before and exfoliating with exfoliating gloves (these can be found at most drugstores/Target type stores) and a moisturizing body wash (really concentrate on the area to be waxed, this helps remove the  dead skin layer that tends to cover a lot of hairs, this will insure a great wax) Moisturize!
If you have a late afternoon/evening appointment do this routine in the morning. Make sure the exfoliating gloves are washed on a regular basis to prevent transfering any bacteria or mold that may collect in them by sitting in the shower. Better yet buy a few pairs (they are less than $3 a pair) Use one glove and then toss it in the wash with your towels. You will always have a clean exfoliating glove that way.

4. Clients who wear contacts please bring a contact lense case with solution or wear glasses for All Facial Services.
5. For those that spray tan/self tan be aware that waxing will remove sunless tanner so I recommend waxing 48-24 hours prior to sunless tanning services.
6. Please don't drink alcohol before your waxing service. Alcohol dilates the blood vessels and leads to poor circulation and makes the skin more sensitive. 
7. To expedite facial and waxing services please print and fill out consent forms and bring in with you on the day of your appointment.
If you have any questions regarding any of this information or any other questions please feel free to call, text or email
Amber Henson
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