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 They say you get what you pay for and with my waxing services you can be confident that your wax will be the best wax you have ever had! I have a strict NO double dipping of the wax sticks, which means each and every swipe of wax is with a new stick. This guarantees the wax that is being applied to you has never come in contact with another person. Gloves are worn for each and every wax/sugar service as well. I use the highest quality waxes and sugar available to ensure the best hair removal  service possible.
New Clients if you are new to me or new to waxing or sugaring and you have an important event to attend like a wedding, anniversary or vacation please remember waxing or sugaring is not without issues for many people. Histamine Reactions( bumpy skin) are the most common and when steps are taken before and after hair removal sessions they can be minimized or avoided all together. It is best to get at least 2 sessions under your belt before events or vacations so that you know what to expect with your skin and how to take care of issues that may come up (this is all individual and can change month to month due to hormonal changes, weather etc). If you are unable to get 2 appointments in prior please remember to leave a 5 day minimum buffer between hair removal and scheduled events.  Please remember this when scheduling.

Why Sugaring? 

Sugared hair growth is slower and finer. Even with the best waxing technique 10-15% of the hair can suffer breakage because of the nature wax and how it dries and adheres to the skin. Sugaring never dries and stays pliable resulting in a far better removal of bulb and hair.

Sugar is applied at room temperature so no risk of burning  the skin

Less ingrown hairs because hair is removed with the direction of growth. waxing is against the growth which can result in more ingrown hairs. This is because the tube that guides the hair up to the surface can become damaged and twisted with waxing which will then prevent the hair from growing to the surface but instead under the skin resulting in painful ingrown hairs. This happens more frequently with men and women who have course or curly hair.

Less pain upon removal, resulting in less post hair removal inflammation and bumps (histamine reaction). Sugar paste acts as a lubricant to the follicle allowing the hair to be removed easier and with less pain and trauma.

Sugared hair can be removed as short as 1/8 of an inch which means you can sugar more frequently if necessary. This is perfect for dancers, swimmers, gymnasts, cross fit athletes or anyone who desires to remain as hair free as possible.

Sugar Paste is free of fragrance and or skin sensitizing chemicals that can cause reactions.

Easier clean up! Sugaring is completely water soluble and removes easily with water.

ASH Skin: Corrective Facials & Sugaring is  a solo Aesthetics Practice Owned and Operated by Licensed Master Aesthetician Amber Henson



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Women's Sugaring & Waxing

(All Bikini & Brazilian Wax services include happy trail waxing if desired)

Eyebrow Design $50 (Includes: Wax, Tweeze, Trim, Tinting and Fill In)

Facial Waxing is an add on service only. Popular facial waxing/Bikini waxing combo's listed through my online scheduling. I do not offer Leg Waxing or Sugaring

Brazilian Bikini Bare $70
Brazilian with strip or triangle $80
 Maintenance (no more than 7 weeks out) $50 Bare/$60 Strip/Triangle

removes hair to leave a landing strip,triangle or completely bare, hair is removed from and up to and around the naval,all hair is removed from the labia,perineum,butt crack.  

Modest Brazilian $50

Removes hair 2 inches  outside groin crease and 1/2-1 inch inside crease leaving the hair full and groomed. Removes the hair from the labia, perineum and buttcrack. Perfect for those who like the idea of a brazilian but without the bareness.

Basic Bikini  $30
removes all hair outside of the underwear line

French Bikini  $45
3-5 week Maintenance $35
removes hair 2 inches in from bikini line,hair up to and around naval and hair removal from butt crack up to perineum
Underarm  $25

Prenatal and Postpartum Waxing & Sugaring

prenatal and postpartum waxing pricing is a little different based on the fact that hair growth (density,how fast it grows and where it grows) excelerates with pregnancy due to hormones. Waxing can take place up until you go into labor as long as you have a healthy low-risk pregnancy. I can not take clients who cross over into the High-Risk Category for obvious reasons. Some examples of HR pregnancy would be, Pre-eclampsia, Gestational Diabetes, Previous pre-term labor, High Blood Pressure etc. If you have any questions in regards to prenatal waxing please give me a call and hopefully I can answer any questions you may have.

A final mention in regards to ingrown hairs during pregnancy. Women who wax during pregnancy may notice an increase in ingrown hairs, this happens because not only do you have more heat,moisture and friction in the pubic area during pregnancy but surging hormones increase sebum production in your hair follicles which will then increase your chance of developing ingrown hairs even if you never had issues prior to pregnancy. 

Please schedule under the Womens Waxing/Sugaring and specify in appointment notes pregnancy status
Basic Bikini  $30 & up depending on hair growth
French Bikini  $45 & up depending on hair growth
Brazilian Bikini  $70 and up depending on hair growth
A discounted maintenance price is available for ALL prenatal waxing/sugaring when booked at the time of your appointment 
Men's Waxing & Sugaring
Ears $25
Back $45
The 15 minute Back Wax
The fastest most comfortable back wax you will ever have!
Back , Shoulders,and Neck $55

Back,Shoulders,Neck and Upper Arms $65



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